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Resolved! Contract payment responsibility

If a person adds a second phone to his contract for his girlfriend and they separate before the contract is up, the phone is disposed of and no longer in use, is the the girlfriend at all responsible for the bills or contract? She is named as the pho...

Maxie by Neighbour
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Resolved! mobility account set up

i dont know my account number so i can not set up my online account if i could get it emailed to me that would be great. thank you and have a good day

nunya by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Re: Making the Most of Neighbourhood Ideas

Yet another telephone threat! Answering machine message: Get back to me on my department division number that is 289-632-1085 I repeat 289-632-1085. Now, if I don't hear a call from you, we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get...

windsport by Just Moved In
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Resolved! No Service in Poland

Hello,I purchased a Europe roam package for travelling. I'm in Warsaw and have no service. I have a cell plan through my employer but pay my own bill. I suspect my phone is not activated for roaming.Can anyone assist?

Resolved! Multiple Questions!

I need to cancel the contract on my iPad prior to the October 12th end date, and my S3 prior to January 17th, what are the cancellation fees involved? still unsure about cancelling my phone because of a few factors.... - I need to change my phone num...

Acct and sims

I live in Canada but I also live in jamaica .. I have a Jamaican SIM card and number for my iPhone also I have a Felix number and SIM card .. Can I suspend my Telus services while I'm in jamaica ? Will my iPhone still work with my Jamaican number and...

Booboo16 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I can't link my account

When I enter my account number it's says "we're unable to link your service online."I activate my prepaid 2 days ago, it works fine but I can't like my account...