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Resolved! Can plan members share daytime minutes

Just wondering if anyone knows if 2 people on the same plan can share minutes. I use minimal anytime minutes and my boyfriend is always going over. How can we avoid the extra charges?

Nevada77 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! New price plans

I think the new price plans are outrageous. I'm an 11-year customer, and for me to upgrade early for a Note 3 (pay a 400$ penalty + the 3yr price of the device), not only pay that huge amount, I'd have to give me up long time plan and double it to pr...

Resolved! Sedgewick

We need a CELL PHONE tower in Sedgewick, AB so badly! Calls are constantly being lost and there are times even when we cannot make phone calls!

Resolved! Not valued as a customer.

With my contract about to expire, i was looking at what offers are available to remain a loyal customer (as i've been for 15years). But seems i am no longer considered a valued customer and my loyalty means nothing anymore, unless I commit to a minim...

mpa by Coach
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Resolved! Web Store Status

If one orders an iPhone via the web store why can't the status of the order be tracked online? Why can't your customer service reps provide the status of a web store order either? Ridiculous.

BobAbui by Just Moved In
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online account managemen

was lead to believe i could manage my mobility account online. however, can not make changes to my rate plan. i would need to phone in, sit on hold and talk to them directly. what a waste of time. a simple click online and done would be so much easie...

mpa by Coach
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Resolved! data usage how is it logged

Looking at my data usage and notice that i have text messages logged for today but in the future. How are txt messages logged? Do they not show up with correct time sent?

axsym by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How to get MMS messages

Today is my granddaughter's first birthday! She is in California, and my daughter-in-law sent me either a picture or video by MMS. But instead of getting it on my phone, I got a message directing me to a website, into which I was supposed to enter my...

dobes by Coach
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