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Resolved! 3 Year Contracts and Life Expectancy of Phones

Hi. Quick question. How is it that you can justify locking people into three year contracts, on phones that are not expected to last that long? For reference, I have a Samsung Galaxy Fascinate, and have just passed my second year. The phone barely fu...

Resolved! a valuable suggestion/idea for Telus

To whom it may concern;This is not a complaint, this is a situation Telus Mobility could learn from and aviod it again in the future, Save the company $$$.I was a loyal Telus customer who paid bills on time and never missed a payment for years and wo...

LadyFoote by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I am looking for a family talk text plan that includes texting to the united states is there one?

I am trying to decide if I should put my son on my family plan but he text to the united states and I would need a plan that doesn't charge 40 cents per text if he does so the pay and go plans allow it I don't think my talk text fave plan has it but ...

campo1004 by Just Moved In
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Re: Stvrtecky

Hi there, You could simply turn your phone off. Once you plan on using it again, turn it back on, and depending on the battery level at that time, plug it in or just contunue using it until it needs a charge. Hope that helps! -Michael

Resolved! Stvrtecky

I have a question regarding my cell. I will not use my cell for approximately 2 months. Should I leave it plugged in - to charge or should I just leave it to go dead.

Stvrtecky by Just Moved In
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