Your sister company has better rates. I would like a price match.


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Your (that is telus) sister company has a 2gb data unlimited minutes plan for 55 a month. Plus the phone device payment. 

I was told the share 60 was the best to get and then you had me get another 30 dollar addon for 2gb of data, plus my phone device payment.

I'm getting ripped off here dude, I switched from rogers as I was told that telus had better customer service, so let's see as the math here doesn't work.

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Community Power User

There's lots that Telus offers that Koodo doesn't:

Discount roaming plans outside North America

Free customer support

Bundle discounts if you have other Telus services 

Shared plans for data

Tablet plans, and

Subsidized phones are just some of the differences I can think of. While these items my be of more, or less value to you, it is your responsibility to determine the plan and provider best meeting your needs. If that happens to be Koodo, then you should buy your services there. 

Your comments here are akin to expecting Toyota to sell you a one-ton dually. 

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Your sister company has better rates. I would like a price match.


I think I'll try that line the next time I'm at the Audi dealership to see if I can pick up an R8 for the price of a VW Golf.