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I would like to see a widget for data usage. I know Videotron offers this on their phones. I think it would be a good add on to the app.
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I have a number of locations in the Settings section of my phone where i can discover this. Is this not the case on yours?


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The phone's accounting of data usage depends on the reset date you put in and won't necessarily match up with your bill. I think the OP is asking about a TELUS accounting of data usage.

The TELUS account app has this information, just not as a widget.

Hello cedjones, which mobile device are you using? did you search your application store to search for a data counter widget? I use to have one on my Samsung S2 but now I'm using the in-built app since many widgets will drain your battery faster.


Hello cedjones, how do you like the answers provided by our friends? I would also tell you to try downloading such a widget application from your appstore. Keep us posted!