Why is my bill so high?


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Please answer my question. Thank you in advance.

Evgueni Fedine


Hello Evgueni,


What did your bill say? It should give a breakdown of montly costs/overages/etc.


 Are you signed up for too much and use too little? Or are you signed up for little and use too much? Look at their current plans, look at what you use in a month, and try and find the best fit.


Another reason might be because this is your first bill. Your first bill is pro-rated, so it would appear higher than what you were quoted. The first bill is always charged from day of activation till your billing cycle, plus an extra month in advance.

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There are several rate plan options and add ons which can be used to help reduce the monthly amount of the invoice. As well, if you have fetaures like Favourite Numbers, make sure to take advantage of these by adding all of your most called phone numbers into them. Telusmobility.com is an easy way to make rate plan changes by yourself.


Your first TELUS bill as someone mention is higher as a result of proration/partial billing is the time between your activation data and your bill cycle date.  Check out the TELUS billing support page and view the video which does a great job of explaining this in more detail http://mobility.telus.com/en/BC/Billing-Support/understanding-your-first-bill.shtml

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Just an update, as some of the TELUS.com links have changed, and this is commonly checked out content:

Here is the Mobility "Understanding your first bill" page.


And here is the same for Home Services.