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Why got the Online message: "Service temporarily unavailable"?


I changed my plan two weeks ago. Since then I always get the message "Service temporarily unavailable." on my online account. When I could view my account information normally as before?



Sounds like you need to clear your cache/cookies. It's happened to me a few times. :S

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Sorry, it's useless. I still get the error after deleting cache/cookies.

What browser do you use?

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Tried IE and Chrome, same results. I think maybe need to wait some days for updating my information. Anyway, thank you, Dark.


I hope Telus did not break your online account access with your plan change.


Regular telus mobility login

Which should rewrite to something like this



Telus mobility Beta login. It may rewrite to one of the above links.




Do you get a similar error when you try using the TELUS  My Account App on your phone?

I tried the Beta version, it's empty in Usage with the following message:


"As we continually improve the new online experience, you'll soon be able to manage all of your TELUS products and services here."


Click the "Classic Mobility", got the same result as old one.


When the Beta version is availble?

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi, have you tried reaching out to TELUS customer service regarding this matter?

Not yet. I want to get answer here before contacting to the TELUS service. It seems that the only way is to call them now....


Anyway, thanks for all repliers here!



Finally, it is solved by calling to TELUS mobility client service and a new account is set up now.


Still one problem: I may view the transaction history in my LAST bill. Could I find any transaction after it, i.e. yesterday? Thanks!

Hi xusteve, since the new online account will be setup using the same account number and the same phone number, I think you'll be able to view the past information. Can't be 100% sure of that since I never had to re-create my online account.

I used Prepaid before, and changed to the Voice 35 plan two weeks ago. The interface seems different in most functions. And I cannot find the "Trasaction History" now.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@xusteve you can find transactions under the billing tab in your online account access page:


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 5.41.35 PM.png


You can split info out a number of ways.


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Thanks, and it's transaction history for BILLING.


But I meant the transaction logs for CALLING, such as:


May 02  09:00 am     From 6041111111         call in        1:00 min

May 01  12:00 pm     To     604 2222222        call out      2:00 min


Where is it?