Why does telus keep asking for my account number?


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So I made an account to try to access online billing after registering with telus last night, and when you make an account, you give them your account number + email to make the account


I received the email after registering, logged in, and clicked "my account" to try and explore.  Immediately, I'm hit with the prompt to enter my account number. Okay, I'll type it in again. Annoying, no big deal (keep in mind I'm CURRENTLY logged in on the account I made with that account number; literally says my name at the bottom of the page proving to me that I'm logged in).


then suddenly: "You're still waiting for approval from the owner of this account. Please contact him/her to request access. They'll need to log in and approve your request."




This is my account # though. This is my first and only telus account number, and I'm literally already logged into the account I made with that account number. How...how am I supposed to log in to what I'm already logged into?


I've already done this process like 10 times, and  since we all know that customer support is going to be straight useless for several days so there's no point going that route for a while, I figured I would ask here.


How the hell do I access literally anything? Can't even leave feedback because that button doesn't do anything, it literally just scrolls you back up to the top of the page. 


Also, anyone have any idea why my data doesn't work? I've restarted the phone 3 times already, from full shut down to turn on.

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Sounds like 2 accounts have been created - the one you registered, and the one created by Telus which generated the registration email you received. You’ll have to contact Telus to get it sorted.


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