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Why are Telus' web pages incorrect?

Just Moved In


Does not work.  There is no link on the final page to get to Favorite Numbers.


I was charged over $20 for 2 short calls to my girlfriend (who lives a 30 minute drive away).

I emailed them over a week ago about it - no reply.

I called voice and was on hold for 1hr 15 mins before I gave up.

I opened a chat window and kept it open for over 2hrs before giving up as I had to shut the computer down and leave the house.


At this point I'm unlocking my phone and switching carriers.  Being charged for 2 calls because I can't add the number to my Favorites as described on their web page made me angry enough.  Not being able to contact anyone, and getting no reply from my email, has really turned my opinion about Telus (I used to really promote them when talking with friends or online about mobility options - not any more!!)


Community Power User
Community Power User

Favourite numbers is, if I recall, an option available on very old, now grandfathered accounts. It disappeared as an option about the time Unlimited Canada-wide calling became available. The fact that there are help pages for services you do not use, or are unavailable to new customers is not a detriment, but a value, in my opinion, as Telus is still offering info to long-term plan holders. 


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Favourite numbers was also available on prepaid plans, discontinued, then returned as unlimited one number.


Just a comment, a few minutes of calls does not result in $20 of charges.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Do you have an old grandfathered plan with the favourite numbers included? As all of the new plans do not include favourite numbers. So if you were trying to add favourite numbers when it's not included in your plan then it wouldn't work. You can view what's included in your plan by logging into your account online at > My account > Login


Once logged in under the section that says Welcome (your name) there is a section that says your full name and phone number click on Plan and Device info > Details of your plan and add ons + > This will tell you if you have favourite numbers included in your rateplan or not. 


If you have favourite numbers in your plan then underneath this section you will have the options to Manage Favourite Numbers. 


If you make a change then it will  become effective in the next 24 hours. If you make a change a second time if will not become effective until the next bill cycle. 


Local calling: The way local calling works is based on your phone number and where you are located. If you have an Edmonton number, you can call Edmonton locally while you are located in Edmonton. You can receive calls from anyone and not be billed extra and you can make calls to anyone in Edmonton and not be billed extra unless you call a non-Edmonton number. As soon as you leave the Edmonton area and are in say Calgary, that all changes. You could then call a local Calgary number and not be charged extra but, all incoming calls will be billed long distance even if it's an Edmonton number calling you. You can now only call a local Calgary number and not be billed anything extra.


The wait times have been extremely high since December 16th when the promotional price war started. Because there was the equivalent of calls Telus receives in a month in a matter of days, the email services had to be disabled. (42 million incoming calls and 10,000 emails in a matter of days). There is a team of reps working on the emails but, not the normal hundreds of reps we would normally have. Add on top of that, that it is the Xmas season and the wait times sky rocketed. There were a number of news articles on it. 

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