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When you buy a sim for a new pre paid accout does it come with bonus minutes?

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I need activation help with pre paid.


Community Power User
Community Power User

When you activate a new pre-paid service, you get up to $40 in credits; $10 at time of activation, and $5 / month if you spend sufficiently large sums.

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I went online and registered my new prepaid account and then I received a text from telus saying "You have 7 days to qualify for activation credits, call #123 for more info. If you have a rate plan, the first credit will be applied within 3 days. For details on the program, visit Free TELUS msg"
I called the number and there is NO option for the activation credit, so I then clicked the link provided on the text and I cannot find where to redeem the credit. It just asks me to set up another whole new account. HELP PLEEEASE!!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

The credit will show automatically on your file within 7 days following the activation.