What's up with now charging for CAN to US texts?? Thanx for the notice Telus! :-/


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I don't recieve paper statements and can't expand on my bill on the Telus app, but had to log on via computer to see why my bill was higher than normal!!

Needless to say....not really happy at the moment!! Why ya being so SNEAKY???

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Hi Damaged73,


Thank you for bringing this up. Cat Very Happy


With regards to your question as to why CAN to US Texts have become chargeable.

Only a small, but growing, number of customers send texts while in Canada to non-Canadian phone numbers, which costs more moneny for TELUS to provide because it has to pay the international carrier to connect the text. This change simplifies TELUS' approach to Canada to international text messages and this in fact helps us get rid of having to increase the rates for your services in Canada just to subsised CAN to US texting.

TELUS wasnt charging this before, and other providers have been charging CAN to US already, between .50 to .75 i think.

To help you out, you may wanna add CAN to US Text Msg 100 for $5 or Unlimited for $10 if you think you'll be sending more messages.


Hope this helps. Thank you and we apologise this frustrates you.

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Instead of texting, you can try using Whatsapp. It's a good messaging alternative for free messaging to anyone else in the world using the app as well.

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If you have a Blackberry, BBM's are free internationally.  Not only are your text messages free.... so are the pictures!