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Hi Everyone,


We’re pleased to announce the launch of T-UP.


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T-UP! now open to all devices and offers device protection with yearly upgrades


For $10 per month you get a new smartphone every year without paying out your Device Balance. Plus you get TELUS Device Care or AppleCare+ included.


How it works:

How it works:

  • Buy a device1 on a 2-year term with a SharePlus Plan
  • Add T-UP! For $10 per month and also get TELUS Device Care or AppleCare+. Then you’re covered if your smartphone is damaged.
  • Return your device (in good working condition) to a store after 12 months
  • Buy your new device2 and renew your phone plan. Your old Device Balance is forgiven.

 (1) Does not include iPads, tablets, CDMA & iDEN devices. (2) TELUS does not guarantee that the device you want will be available.



1 Does not include iPads, tablets, CDMA & iDEN devices. 2. TELUS does not guarantee that the device you want will be available.



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hello i work for a locak dealer with telus mobility/business anywhere clients. Now i promote b/a clients as well as telus mobility clients.

My question to you is The t-up program has just luanched and no where in the telus bulltins say that b/a client is not availble all it says its not for more then 15 lines can you please advis cause telus b/a support says no there program does not support. Can you please advise??? Cause in my thinking if telus is going to gro and branch out to become succesful and triumph all other carriers they have to be more precise in who is eligiable and who is not. If b/a clients is not eligiable one would think it would be specified. This is my last support tool cause telus channel/business anywhere cannot ressolve this issue.

xl CPU Alum
CPU Alum

So this only for Apple phones?

  • is this for legacy phones?
  • is this limited to the iPhone 5c?
  • can one get the flagship iPhone 5s?  Is there a color limitation?
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This is for iphones only when you purchase of apple care plus

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Community Manager

Hey Shimmerzz, I've sent you a private message Smiley Happy