There are a few ways to approach this problem.  iPhones will push more data than most Android phones.  Use WiFi when ever you can.  Most phones do have a setting to warn you when your data reaches a certain point.  On shared data plans, set each device to a bit less than what the total data is divided by the number of lines sharing that data.  At least then, each user will know wen they are getting close to using up their share.  Some devices also allow data to be turned off when a device reaches a certain amount of data between two dates.  This can be set easily enough in a phones settings.  


In cases where it is a small amount for an overage one time.  Customer Care will more than likely wave the charge. If you regularly go over your data allowance, then consider adding an extra gigabyte or considering looking at a plan that offers you more data.  If you have been a long time customer of Telus, then loyalty might be able to offer you that extra bit you need every month at no extra charge.  It doesn't hurt to ask but waiting on hold for over an hour definitely sucks.  


Remember where we live, people!  In Canada, we have some of the most greedy companies that rank us close to the top of the highest cellular rates in the world.  Why is this?  Because a lack of competition and regulatory groups such as the CTRC are happy to side with greedy Bell, greedy Rogers, greedy Telus, and greedy Shaw for some undisclosed "incentives".  This won't change as long as Canadian's whine a little but still pay the ridiculous prices these companies conspire with each other to gouge consumers.  When those plans for frugal customers pop up, like the $60 10GB plans do on the rare occasion.  Get them!  Yes, it sucks to buy your phone out right to keep these plans but it will save you a lot of money long term.  


The other solution isn't always viable for most but there are a couple of ways to go about it.  The next time you are visiting the USA, pick up a plan down there.  Most carriers offer unlimited calling in Canada, the US, and Mexico with unlimited data, global texting and picture messaging, and roaming in all 3 countries for $50 or less.  When you do the conversion of our worthless Canadian Peso, it is still way cheaper and you are roaming onto and using Canadian networks, like Telus, as a fraction of the price.  Whether you pick up a postpaid plan or a prepaid plan, you can save a lot of money by doing this!  Metro PCS, one of T-Mobile's subsidiaries, has a postpaid plan right now where you can get unlimited calling and data in the United States with global texting and picture messaging for $40.  You can add calling and roaming in Canada to your plan for $5 extra and setup auto pay for a $5 monthly credit.  $40 USD a month is about $53 CDN right now.  


Most US carriers also offer you a fair way to purchase a phone on subsidy.  They take the cost of the phone, divide it into equal payments by the term you want, 12, 18, or 24 months, and you pay that on top of your plan every month.  Most phones from the US work perfectly in Canada on Canadian carriers.  If you would prefer to roam onto Rogers, then look at AT&T and Cricket plans.  They also have a new service coming out where you can watch ads to earn up to $25 back towards your monthly bill each month.  If you would rather roam on to the Bell/Telus network.  T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Sprint, and pretty much the rest are your choice of carriers.  


A little piece of info that can easily be found online goes back to 2011 when T-Mobile had planned on offering service here in Canada.  They had chosen a Canadian CEO and everything but the CTRC stepped in and said, no, and canned the expansion because Bell and Rogers whined that they would not be able to compete.  Competition isn't the consumer problem, it's a corporate problem!  I would rather see the death of Bell/Telus and Rogers to have actual competition in this country than the greedy monopolistic ways of current Canadian companies conspiring and price fixing to bleed Canadian's dry!


We have 4 phones. With Rogers for 8 yrs. Largest bill ever was $500.

I switched to Telus for better signal, rates were comparable. My second bill was $942.00!!!

WTH is going on? We have an 11 Gb plan. We burned 16.6 Gb. DOUBLE our worst ever!

Turns out the default setting seem to favour Telus. Most phones switch to wifi automatically, but not Telus.

"You must turn the data off to guarantee you are using wifi services"

Thanks. You guys are thieves!!

Also, the overage fees should be $50 x 5.6Gb = $280, but my overage charges TOTAL $739.00!!!!


Please man-splain for me.