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Hello Dear: Forum Members. I'm <v9> the infamous as some of you've-red out recently I posted a (Phone Plan Picker Tool) that wasn't rated with good marks. I do want to change my plan soon and make a new search for a tool to helpMe out to pick a Phone plan-that fit my expectations of airtime and data.


I found this website that claims-help to select the right [Plan+Add-Ons it content-other useful features] I going to tried and I though it may help-other members too, so here's the name & link: [Compare Cellular Plan Tool] Link: due to high wireless-competency a tool like this one, can help avoid selection errors. PS tested & rating for the records. Bye <v9





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It has some better information than the last link you posted here but during a few of the searches it doesn't show many Telus plans compared to other carriers listed when searching by cost of plans.

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