Telus phone blacklisted by telus

So I bought a brand new samsung 9 phone from telus corporate store at bayview village on 2 year contract. The phone was working perfectly for 3 weeks and then suddenly it was blacklisted and the sim went work. I went back to the telus store and said how could it be that a new phone I purchased from you can be blacklisted by telus. They said that on my contract it was a different IMEI than the phone they sold me in the box. They said they will call fraud to get it removed but fraud called me back and said they need to give me the phone with the correct IMEI but the telus store would of give it to me if they had it. They said the phone I have is a fraud phone. So I cant return my phone because it's the wrong IMEI and I cant get my real phone. What do I do I am beyond frustrated because now I am stuck without a phone.
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Do you have your receipt when you got the phone activated?  If so, does it have the IMEI number on it?   Go into the store and sit with the Telus rep until it is fixed and working....then after it is fixed and working (and only after it is fixed and working) you can discuss with them how they will make it up to you.