Telus customer for almost 10 years, but considering switching providers after today.


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I've been a Telus customer for almost 10 years and I've always been decently happy with the service I've received, however today I have learned that a decade of loyalty to Telus doesn't amount to much. 

My contract is ending this month and I figure it's a good time to renew a new contract and pick up a new phone. I called in and explained my current rates, what I was looking for in a phone, and the features I needed in my service. I was on the phone with various reps for probably 2 hours and none of them were willing to offer any options that didn't increase my rates or require me to buy the phone up front.

Currently I pay $50/month for what (to me) seems to be a fairly basic plan. It includes 1 GB of data, call display, voice mail, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited texting, among a few other basic features. The closest comparable plan they offered me was $70 a month for unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited texting, voice mail, call display and 500mb of data, or I could upgrade to 1GB for $75/month. Although the $75 plan is marginally better than the plan I currently have I don't believe it is worth a 50% increase in the rate. 

I am very surprised that Telus isn't willing to find a compromise that works for both parties. I am disappointed to find that my continued loyalty to Telus is not as valued as I once thought it was, and I'm wondering if another company might value me more.

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Welcome to the world created by the CRTC by the move from 3 year to 2 year contracts. The cost recovery on subsidized phones now has to occur in 2 years rather than 3. Prices went up amongst all carriers.

You can keep your current plan if you buy your new phone outright.

I doubt any other company will value you more, though some might offer lower prices.  If you don't need the support of a full-service wireless provider, you could consider looking to Telus' budget brand, Koodo. I don't recommend it though if you need lower rates for international travel outside US and Caribbean, or if you need personal attention for support purposes.

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I hear ya, I am almost a 10 years customer my contract is coming up in a couple of months not sure what I will be offered but I can guarantee you that the cost of my monthly plan will go up.  Also their roaming when you're in the Caribbean sucks, couldn't make any calls out or receive any calls.

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As @NFtoBC said, this is due to the Wireless Code of Conduct and the reduced contract terms. Any customer, no matter how long they've been with Telus, is subject to the same min. $70 spend if they want a subsidized phone like an iPhone 6. 

Even with the discount brands like Koodo, Fido etc. you won't get a $400-500 subsidy on an iPhone for less than $70/month, its the new industry standard. Fido starts at $80/month (500MB), Koodo is $65 + $21/month in subsidy for 500MB, etc.


it's all money making, blaming CRTC, Cell Phone Providers are trying to make back their money but having us the consumers/customers bleed through our noses to pay for rate plans.  Totally understand the cost of the phone not about the cost for the plan.  I will shop around to see where I can get a good deal, not going to over think being with Telus for more than 10 years, probably not going to value or honor the years I've been with them.  Gotta look out for me and what I can afford, at the end of the day it's coming out of my pocket.


@SunShine73 Unfortunately as a business its their obligation to maintain & grow revenues, they can't just take a hit because its the 'right' thing to do. Also to clarify, the cost of the plan includes the cost of the phone, typically to the tune of $20.

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The CRTC's move from 3 years to 2 years was because of consumer demand, not the mobile companies...

I remember 15 yrs ago when I got my first phone and there was choice for no plan, 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year.  When everyone was promoting plans by the lowest 3yr price.  Everyone standardize on the 3yr plan.

Then Apple came along with iPhones with non-replaceable batteries.  These early iPhones batteries that would fail in 18 months.  Far short of the 3yr plans.  This caused a lot of consumer complaints.  Especially with many consumers demanding new phones when Apple released a new annual model because the previous model's batteries were no longer holding their charge to last a day.  CRTC listened and here we are today with 2yr plans.  Don't blame the mobile carriers.  Go blame Apple for this mess.


i like the crtc we need something .... these corperate companies have far to much control

on doing what they want in different areas of Canada . without them it would be far worse

the crtc just sadi after june 3 anyone with in a old 3 year term can walk away without no

penality or cancellation fees :-)    i have 6 months left anf telus said i had to pay $175 to

leave  .....  well that just changed as will I

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I'm feeling the same way. I've been a faithful customer with Telus Mobility for over ten years, never had a late payment or billing issue, but once my contract is over I will be looking to see what my options will be. I made the big mistake of changing my rate plan which included the data flex option to the a $80 nationwide plan plus the cost of 3GB of data as I travelled frequently for work, but now that things have changed, I no longer need unlimited long distance.

I called Telus to see if I can have my old rate plan back as the change was just a few months ago, and the answer was a quick No, with no willingness to help. So much for keeping a customer satisfied.