Telus Bill higher than norm?


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Hi, I was wondering if my bill is excessively higher than most? Im a BC resident (if that matters) and I recently got my samsung galaxy s7 edge with the 2 year contract deal. I have unlimited nationwide LD calling, 7gb of data, and telus device protection ($7 or $8 a month I think) and my monthly bill comes to $139 before taxes. Its around $170 a month after taxes, i believe. Everybody I talk to tells me that I'm paying too much. I've been with telus over 10 years and always paid my bill on time. Am i getting ripped off? Thx
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Have you looked at your detailed bill in ‘My Account’? It will have all the details. If you changed your plan as part of your phone purchase, there would also be adjustments to your plan, based on where in the month your billing cycle lands; part of each billing period would be prorated.  Let us know if you have further questions having reviewed your full invoice.


You can shop around online to see what costs are, but be aware of the differences in offerings. For instance, Telus offers a greater subsidy on phones than do the second tier carriers; $0 in the case of the S7. Telus also offers a wide range of travel options if that is important to you, as well as a Canada-US plan if you are a frequent traveller.

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