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TELUS will not sell me a mobile phone

Just Moved In

I am currently a BYO device customer who broke his phone.  I decided to upgrade to an iphone12 and did so online via my Telus account (per the offer Telus had emailed me days earlier).  During the online upgrade process, I was not asked for a credit card or any form of payment and assumed any charges would be applied to my account and show up on my next bill.  I received a confirmation and then I waited 2 weeks but the phone did not show up.  Eventually, I received an email from Telus cancelling the order stating "we are unable to process your order as the payment was not successfully captured from your payment card"  But I was never asked to provide one AND I have an account that's up to date, no missed payments or issues.  Tried calling Telus, the automated operator states I will have to wait for over an hour to talk to someone.    At that point, I gave up and ordered an unlocked phone from Best Buy and had it in two days.