Super high bill.


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So I just received my first bill, I know sometimes they can be a little higher but I'm seeing all these random things on it. My bill should be somewhere around $220 monthly and it's showing $327. And it was from August 30th September 6th, so only a few days. We didn't go over data or anything like that. It looks like it's double charging each line for our nationwide talk and text or something. It's not showing roaming or long distance charges. Any advice?
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For billing issues? Best to call Telus. They can look into it directly. With nationwide talk and text you shouldn't see any roaming or long distance charges.

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Have you reviewed your PDF invoice? It contains all the fine details of your bill.  Your first billing period is pro-rated from when you signed up to the billing date. You are also charged services for the upcoming month in advance This occurs when anyone signs up with a provider. Similarly, when you change a plan,  both the old plan and the new are pro-rated for the portion of the month they were active. Thus your current bill should include service from August 30 to September 6, AND from September 7 to October 6. Next month it will show from October 7 to November 6.  Se a little more information in this FAQ.


Your can share an image of your bill here, with personal information stripped, and we can offer some information.

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