So I just found out that telus can unlock my phone so that I can add a US sim card for 5 months.


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How does that work in terms of what is expected of me?


You are on postpaid, owned the phone for at least 90 days, and account in good standing - at least that's the current condition.


When CRTC wireless code takes effect in December, there will be different rules.

@honeydoc wrote:

How does that work in terms of what is expected of me?




Your telus phone can be unlocked by Telus if you are a current active client on a monthly plan. Your phone must've been active on Telus' network for at least 90 days. The cost is 35$ on your next bill

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Things to also research....

  • how many minutes and data do you plan to use during your US visit?  If only for emergencies or one short call a month, roaming charges may be workable.  US passes are great for moderate usage.  Yes SIM card swaps are better for high usage customers.
  • US sim card swaps means friends cannot reach you by your Telus number.
  • how do you plan to acquire you US card?  Not all airports and hotels can sell you a SIM card.  Look for retailers who are willing to install and test the SIM card prior to you leaving the store.  I hate those stores that sends you back to your hotel and you have to figure out how to configure the card yourself.
  • research coverage.... like Canada, different US carriers will have different coverage in different states?  Discount providers have poor coverage and often offer no coverage indoors behind concreate structures.
  • consider Vancouver's Roam Mobility service in your carrier research.  Prepaid US carriers do NOT allow you call to Canada without a phone card, Roam Mobility does.
  • some SIM cards require APN setting changes to work!