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Edit, too long.

Telus gave me a defective phone.
The call centre told me I could return it to a store, rather than the dealer.
I got a new phone.
It died.
I got another phone.
Second phone started working again - problem was a screen protector I bought from Telus.
I have two phones. A pixel 2 XL I want to keep. A Samsung 8+ I want to return.
They are forcing me to return both.
I have spent over 8 hours of my life on this and they want ME to fix it. To fix their screw ups. Multiple.

My advice is before you post this again, rewrite it into a short list, because you lost me way up at the top.


As for stores having no stock, this appears to be a problem all over. My closest Telus store currently has no Samsung 8's at all. Telus online store has the 8 in stock, but the 8+ is low stock and a long wait for delivery. It's crazy all over.

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Each store has to return stock to their own inventory. The dealer and the call centre should have been clear on this. 

The dealer should have addressed the creation of the corporate account and fixed it for you.


As @Lola says, stock levels for premium phones is a problem all over.

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Right. Agree. There simply must be a way to transfer inventory. I am a Telus customer. The way they organize in the background is not my problem. My phone was broken. They gave me new ones. Now they are MAKING me return two fully functioning phones, rather than just doing some background paperwork. This is not my problem to solve. They created it. They should say "keep the phone you have. We will sort out the paperwork. Sorry for your troubles."

But no. I am spending my day returning phones and running back and forth across the North shore. To end up with a loaner.

I have TWO excellent smartphones in my possession. They gave them to me. This is insane.

I'd type more but the charger I bought from them died this morning as well. Batting a thousand, Telus.

I'm thinking Bell, but that means I'll have to buy bis exact phone for like $650. Awesome.