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I want to report a payment I did through TD Canada Mobile App to pay my Mobility Bill to TELUS Mobility.

To send the report, it required me to enter my 8 digit Account Number. However, for some reason, it wanted me to provide a 9 digit Accoint number which I do not have. I tried to still report in just in case, but it kept telling me that it requires a 9 digit number.

So, as a solution, I tried putting a 0 to compensate for the lack of number, and my account number now looks like this, 0xxxxxxxx. But, it said that the account number doesn't exist.
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Community Power User

The forums are a community of users such as yourself. If you want to report a payment you will need to contact Telus either by phone or online.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I'm not sure what kind of report you are trying to send or to where. The only type of way you can report a payment to Telus mobility is through our Automated phone system or over the phone. There is not email or letter you can send it to. Our account numbers are only 8 digits not 9. I wonder if you made a payment to home services by accident. You definitely should call the payment services team at 1 800 777 1888

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