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Reluctant to make the switch

Just Moved In

A Telus rep phoned me over a week ago and offered my a plan that's better than what I have now. Today I received the new sim card, but so far the "boiler-plate" contract and "First Bill Estimates" that were emailed to me last week do not reflect what I was told during the phone conversation. Also, the estimate shows partial charges that started the day of that first call, when clearly I had no way of utilizing Telus services until today.


Is this normal practice? I've been on hold trying to talk to a rep for almost an hour already, but I'm increasingly getting the feeling that making this switch might be a mistake. Anyone else have related experience when switching to Telus?


Just Moved In

Interesting.  A Telus rep phoned me trying to get me to switch to Telus Fiber Optics from Shaw.  I told the rep, R***, that I would not switch because I still had a year left in my contract with Shaw, and even though Telus was going to offer a better deal, I did not want to switch because of the large cancellation fee.  R*** told me that Telus would pay that fee on top of the initial $350 credit offered. 


R*** also told me that I just had to contact Shaw to cancel and that Telus would settle the cancellation fee by contacting Shaw and paying it.  I was impressed. 


Well, Shaw told me that the fee is NEVER paid by Telus, and so I paid the fee and upon receiving my first bill after two months, noticed that there was no extra credit from Telus for cancelling Shaw.  


I phoned Telus about it today and a new rep, Marcella, told me that there was no record of this additional money being promised for the cancellation on record.  Marcella also told me that Telus doesn't pay cancellation fees.  She did say that she would contact R*** and let me know in a few days what she learned.


My only guess is that R*** gets a commission for tricking people she phones and convincing them to make the change.  Not cool!


Of course it took over 1 hour to be told this, with me trying Telus CHAT and phoning.  CHAT was just computer generated responses, not related at all to what I asked, and Marcella finally talked to me on the phone.  So, @RayTedEh , I know what you are going through.