Private incoming calls in the middle of the night. How to stop it?


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I got  a few calls at 3:15 am from a private number.

Last night my wife got a call at 4:00 am.


How to stop it?


Telus, can i block private incoming calls?


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to help better answer the question, is this happening on your landline(s) or cell phones? thanks.

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Cell phone both lines.
I am very disappointed with Telus for not providing an option to block these calls.

As an customer I must have this option. Spam calls at 4 am is too much and I am really considering changing carriers if it does not stop.
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CAN YOU HEAR ME??????????????????????


OR SHOULD I CALL ROGERS???????????????????????????????????????















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There is absolutely no cell-provider in Canada that can block incoming private calls so stop with all your huffing and puffing. There is nothing Telus can do for you. Put your phone on silent or download an app that will block private calls. 


I honestly Love when people threaten to go to Rogers.
Its just funny.
When people are mad at telus and say they are going to Rogers, I say "Go ahead" and walk away,
Next day there back with friends trying to activate more stuff. :3

honestly if you Hanna go to Rogers.
Be my guess, but remember.
Change your rate plan with them and you resign into a 3 year term. Smiley Happy Have fun.

Blocking calls has nothing to do with telus at all.
They provide the service they don't maintain what you do with your service.
If you Hanna block a number etheir your phone has "spam numbers" or download an app.
I know for android I use Mr.. Number,
and it works perfect.
Then I learned my S3 actually has "spam numbers"

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IPhone has a Do Not Disturb function which prevents alerts during hours of your choosing. Possibly other phones offer a similar function?

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You can turn on airplane mode and you wont be receiving any call or text. Smiley Happy 


There are apps in the google play store that can block incoming call and numbers.Most of them are security software apps, but some are simply call blockers.Not sure about itune apps though.

I personally use Avast Mobile Security for android.It has the call block feature.