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Prepaid number carry over to Rogers?

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The whole family is on pay as you go with telus. My wife has been given a new phone & number with Rogers from work. Can she change the Rogers number to her current telus pay & talk number? She currently has an iPhone 4 & they've set up her new work plan with Rogers on a galaxy s4. She'd rather keep her number instead of the one they assigned her.  Can this be done? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is this 'her' phone or a company phone? If the company manages the phone, and pays the bills it may be more challenging to port the number. if the phone is hers, and she has full management control over it, she should be able to port the number.  Another option is to port the number to a VoIP service and redirect it anywhere she wants.



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welcome-Jefcolpan: Is not totally clear, what your wife try to accomplish. But if she's using a phone provided by her company to perform the job. Change it may not allowed.


 Personally. I don't think is advisable to change#. Another contributor said it what's the point if the company pay the bill. In any case if the change is approved, would cost $15.00. the switch. Report results to forum.. Bye  "v9" 

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

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CPU Alum

If the objective is to receive her personal calls on one device....

  • best thing to do is set the phone to "call forward" one devices incoming calls to the desired device.
  • if the phones are unlocked, you might be able to remove the SIM card from one phone and put it in another.

In general you don't want to mix your personal activities with work....

  • major companies may choose to encrypt their devices and activities.  Mixing personal data may mean an employer has access to your personal stuff.
  • if you receive personal calls on your work device.... could the employer terminate your employment on the basis of "theft of time"?
  • do you use a lot of data on your personal device?  If your data consumption is much higher than co-workers on a work device.... could you be terminated on "abuse of employer resources" as they are paying your data bill...especially roaming when on vacation?
  • if you do lose your job.... the employer may ask you to hand the phone over immediately, before you get a chance to transfer your personal stuff (pictures?) to home computer.  The employer may review the content and/or choose to permanently erase it.

Sadly I choose to carry two devices because of these issues..... I like to stay employed...



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Community Power User

@xl I know many folks, myself included, who do the two phone shuffle for the very reasons you point out.


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