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Port my number away from Telus at end of contract and avoid penalties

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1) Can I port my phone number away from Telus, on the last day of my contract, and not be penalized?  (Or must I wait until the day after the contract ends?)

2) Can I port my phone number away from Telus, with no advance notification given, and not be penalized?


I'd like to avoid an ETF, and also any other kind of fees for failing to give 30 days notice.  (I cannot give Telus notice since it jeopardizes the portability of my phone number, ie. Telus may lock it upon notification and prevent it from being transferred. Yet, Telus demands 30 days.  Also, it's now too late to do 30 days, contract ends in ~5 days)  There has to be a way to make an exit without getting fined.


For reference, contract was signed September 2010.  I know the ETF structure has changed.



You would need to initiate the port after the contract has expired to avoid the termination charge.


Unlike other carriers, Telus is billed one month in advanced - so that lessens the impact for that 30-day period compared to other carriers.  However, you must port the day after the date, for which you are still bound by the contract up to and including the date as specified.