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Phones on the same plan

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I recently added my mom and my son onto my plan. All the phones are in my name. Can we call eachother without using the minutes?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Information about family calling for your plan is included in the 'My Account' section of the website. However if you have enrolled all members in a 'Your Choice' plan, the website indicates you would have unlimited family calling within that plan. If you have your family members enrolled in different plans, but linked to your account for payment purposes, you should again refer to 'My Account', or check in with customer service.


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Yes! You will have unlimited nationwide calling to all numbers on your account even if you are different provinces and it does not use your airtime. Unless someone has an ancient $20 a month plan! If it says family calling on your account then you are all good! Sounds like you have our your choice or share plus plans which all include this. 🙂
Mobility Client Care Rep