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I changed my phone number online and was told it would take approximately 15 minutes. It has now been over an hour and 15 minutes that I have been unable to use my phone. Is this normal? Is there something I can do? I can't make calls so I can't call telus to ask.

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What type is your phone?
If its an iphone or andriod you should be able to press the power and home button
and that will do a little refresh of the phone,
then you should be able to make calls there.
If they doesnt work bring it into a telus store the rep there should be nice enough to help you.

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If you're using a phone with a simcard, you just need to turn off your phone for a couple of sec then turn it on, it should work just fine. 


If you're using a phone that doesn't need a simcard, you need to program you phone first. dial *22803, select 1 for English then 1 to program the phone. wait until it shows programming successful on your phone's screen. it will restart automatically then you're good to go.