Phishing scam email claiming to be from Telus Mobility


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Has anyone else received an email that appears legitimate, with the Telus Mobility logo on it? I received one this morning saying my recent payment had been declined. I had just made a payment on my home phone bill from my chequing account so I became concerned.  I clicked on the link in the email, which took me to what looked like the Telus log on page, and I entered my email and a password. I should have clued in when it accepted the wrong password (I entered my work computer password by mistake) and it then took me to a page that asked me for my bank card information, date of birth, mother's maiden name and zip or postal code.  Still not realising it was a scam, I entered the requested information and then it sent me an error message.  At that point I became suspicious and logged into my online banking and checked my chequing account. It showed my recent payment had gone through.  I then logged into the Telus website and checked my bill and it showed the correct balance owing and did not show my payment had been returned. I then had to contact my bank and have them cancel my bank card before the scammers who now have my information could drain my account. I have to contact my other financial institutions as well just to be on the safe side, all because I did not clue in soon enough that this email was a fake.  I am hoping my post here will warn anyone else who may be a potential victim of fraud.                   

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Only check your account by logging into your telus "my account". Sadly there are scammers out there pretending to be legitimate sites, phising for personal information and bank info.

The problem with these fake site the URL will never be associated with a domain. If you Hoover your mouse over the link(s) from the phishing scam it will be some other URL.

Also when it pertains to account information it's always behind a secured HTTPS: connection. Something the scammers will no purchase (a certificate) and won't be able to fake them as being Telus or any other legit company.

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Also, if in doubt, call in to check your account status. Smiley Happy

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Good call on the follow-up, @Deb8.


If you got to the point where you provided personal information it's a good idea to connect with your financial institution to let them know what happened and make the security changes they suggest. You'll also want to keep an eye on other online accounts you have over the next few months. A good thing to keep in mind is that TELUS will never ask for personal banking information without first taking you to a secure site. If you still have the email, I encourage you to send it to


For more information about phishing check out these pages:

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Here's one I received today:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 3.01.07 PM.png


The 'Update Now' link goes to https://


Clearly not a Telus page.


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