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Hello Smiley Happy I was wondering if there is anyway to make a partial payment on line ? I don't mind calling in but sometime the wait time is crazy , It would be so much easier if we could make partial payments in our account rather then an entire bill all at once ,or having to call in an sit on the phone an wait for up to 20 mins an when i get payed seems like those are the days that the Q is full .....

 an second , I was also wondering if there was a way to reduce my bill while im temperamentally out of service so I may get caught up on my bill ??  

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   You really should place this in the appropriate forum to receive the quickest reply.


You can make partial payments through online banking, but cannot make a payment arrangement without speaking to a Telus Rep.

You can request a vacation hold for up to six months if you are not using Telus Services. See the Articles section for instruction about how to apply the hold, and the associated costs.


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As helpful as this post is , it is also not so nice , if your going to tell a person were they are to post do it in private not in the open , makes ppl feel unconformable an not want to use your service ! AND this sight will not be used by me ever again , I find it difficult to figure just were the right spot is to post to you , not to mention when you have the nerve to tell someone they should post in the proper place maybe you should open your mouth an tell a person just were that proper place it to go ,,,,, I have never in all the time i have been with Telus have had to deal with something like this . get your business mind in the right area an teach the customer not chastise the customer  ... DISGUSTED !!!

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You can make a partial payment online. If you are paying with a visa debit or a credit card it auto fills the box with the full bill amount but you can delete that and put the amount you want to pay. I overpay my bill all the time that way. You can also choose to under pay it that way. If you meant a payment arrangement than you need call payment services where you will have the option to set up a payment arrangement through the automated phone system. 1-800-777-1888 or #227 from your cell. It will tell you what you need to pay and if this is not manageable for you than you can wait for a live agent. Payment services typically doesn't have a wait time and if they do it's under 5 minutes. Their hours are Monday-Friday 8am-8pm PST and Saturday-Sun and Holidays 9am-5pm PST. To reduce your bill follow the link @NFtoBC provided Smiley Happy

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