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On hold for 2 hours then disconnected


I was on hold for 2 hours then disconnected, i realize high call volume with the 60$ plans, but i would have  gladly accepted a call back instead of wasting 2 hours, can some one help? 10 plus years mobility client... 


Just Moved In
I had the same problem, my plan is about to end and I wanted to call them about it. I called 3 times on separate days. I waited for 2h and 5min and then was told that my call cannot be picked up at the moment, and then they hung up. I'm really upset with the customer service. I would've also liked a call back at least or an option to leave a message for me to explain my issue.

Been trying for over 3hours now and been cut off 24/7 bull**bleep**


i do have a online chat in que, 370 people ahead of me now and i did email through account services and its a 5 - 7 day response time there... i understand the massive amounts of wait time, just need a call back option, no need for us to get all angry at the reps they are just doing there job and with the resources management has given them, although you would think with a  big shake up like this there would be  a contingency in place for the massive call volume....

I was in the Que for 2 and a half hours, got down to 6 people ahead of me and it disconnected me. i did the email as well

call in and choose new activation, it'll speed track you, thanks to whomever sent the message to me. switched to 60$ plan no problem. 

I do not get a new activation option


I am sorry for you. You have lost hours. I have lost days and possibily more.