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No Loyalty from Telus


I recently called to look for a loyalty offer from Telus. There may have been a communication barrier with the agent or potentially a lack there of. I have 3 lines on a business account and have been with Telus for a number of years. I have paid close to 5 k for the services per year. I was presented an offer in writing but as the store sales noted it was unclear. So after spending more than an hour on the phone and in a store the "loyalty offer"  is simply the regular offer. I am very disappointed in Telus and not sure if I can support them without same consideration. 



I've never been offered a loyalty perk, not for 30+ years on landline or all my long years on mobility, without ever missing a payment on either. I don't expect any special treatment for choosing to remain with Telus. I've stayed because the service is excellent, the greatest perk ever for me. Mobile users of services that shall remain nameless lose service all over my concrete building, while I've never lost service here or anywhere else, not a single drop. No special treatment, not even free service, would make me stay with one of those other providers.

Your situation is likely different, Lola than mine. I agree that Telus has good service for the most part.
However my friend, Telus is a business and not a cute masscott or your friend.
Tell me though what province you are in? I travel with my business throughout Canada and US. My research on Telus is Quebec gets best deals.
I have a phone purchased in Mb that i get incredable deal on data and voice through an other provider. Not a Telus device because Telus couldn't provide service coverage.
I digress ... I am happy that you don't have issue with not getting a loyalty deal being long time customer but maybe you have never asked or maybe your affiliated or maybe you are lonely and just need to communicate?

Different experiences inform different opinions. What's nice here is that people can share experiences they've had or are having with Telus, good and bad, this helps keep the forum balanced, stops it from becoming a rant-only zone. But that's just my opinion. If I bother you, I'm easily ignored. Cat LOL

NP Lola, you are no bother to me, I value all opinions and try to look at communication from the perspective it comes from. I am honest with self and others. I apologize if my experience seemed a Rant and upset you.
Many blessings to you and yours.