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My Telus Remaining Data Widget not functioning correctly


Hi everyone,


I am new to the neighbourhood, and I just had a question regarding the My Telus data widget.

I have a Galaxy S10+ running on Android 8.1 (Pie) and the widget was working fine until a few days ago.

This is a really handy widget as it shows how much data I have left for the month, but now it is just blank with the little gear icon, and when I tap on it, 3 green "loading" dots appear, but then nothing happens.

I have tried to remove the widget and re-add it, I did the same with the My Telus app, but no luck.


I have attached some screen shots so you can see what I am dealing with, just wondering if there will be any updates to this app to resolve this issue,


thank you



Screenshot_20190620-132538_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20190620-132542_My TELUS.jpg