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My TELUS logon and activating Call Control


I just added Call Control to my mobile plans and encountered issues with the My TELUS web site. Here are the issues and the work-arounds I used.

I think the site is overloaded so some patience is required.


Logging on:

  • Errors after entering credentials.
  • Refreshing the page after getting the error usually takes me to my account summary page.
  • If that doesn't work then start over.

Adding Call Control

  • The Manage Plan page sometimes gives an error.
  • Refresh the page and it usually fixes it.
  • If that doesn't work navigate back to Summary and start again.
  • Adding Call Control takes some time so be patient.
  • If the page shows error after adding Call Control just come back later and it will be there.
  • You should get an email saying there was an account change. If you get this and it doesn't show on My TELUS just wait, it will be there eventually.