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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I was looking in Plans under Mobility, Telus Lite Plans has Lite55, that displays--

$55 per month
  • 150 province-wide minutes2
  • 200 MB of flex data34

But clicking on View Lite55 to get more details about the plan, it shows--


150 Nationwide minutes


Please update this if it includes 150 "province-wide minutes" or "Nationwide Minutes".

It's nationwide. Don't know why the website says province wide unless perhaps it's a different region?

Hi bainsk, Jonathan is right, it's 150 minutes nationwide for the lite 55 plan

Community Power User
Community Power User

@SuperFred While we are on the topic of webpage corrections, could it be requested the Flex Data tiers be included on the Telus Lite 65 Plan page?


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