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Migrate from bell hrs to telus

Just Moved In

Recently telus bought some customers from Bell MTS. We choose not to migrate to telus so we thought. On August 3 I spoke with a telus agent and she said the effect would take place in 5 to 7 business daysand We would not be migrated over to telus. We get bills from bell etc. However 2.5 months later when we go to make a change on one of our 5 cells we are still held hostage by telus. I am told we need to tell telus several times we do not want to be their customer. Today I am told there is ONLY 1 person Susan Bruce in all of Telus that can release our numbers back to bell. It will be another 2 or 3 business days before she will call me. (Telus language 2 months) I can't even call her we have to wait for her magic number to phone. As she holds the magic key to allow us not to be held hostage by telus. How are we suppose to run a business if we can't even manage our own cells as telus is seriously holding us hostage. Bell MTS cannot do anythi g for us until telus releases us. I was told Aug 3 I was released but they still own us. Seriously who would want to go to telus if this is how they manage a huge multi million buyout of customers. Even if I receive a call from this 1 person who knows if I am released as I was told Aug 3 that I would be allowed to return to my original provider. BELL MTS is shocked telus is doing this to me and they are trying to help me. Stay with BELL MTS everyone.