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I've expressed this concern over the phone a number of times with agents. I have an old phone, 3G. I had it on a 3 year term. The term has since expired and I am elgible for an upgrade. Late last year I considered upgrading prior to the 3yr contracts expiring, because of cost increases in 2yr terms.


For example I pay $65p/mth now and on a 2yr it would be $85p/mth (or so i was quoted). So in essence I am paying $240 extra for that 1yr term Telus can't charge me for now. $20 per month more over 12 months = $240. In my mind at least. I digress...


What I asked for is and early release from my $100 left on my contract so i could re-sign a new contract. Was told no. Telus could not waive that $100 for the phone. Yes they bought the phone and yes I have to pay them back. I get that.


The crux of my problem is the complete disregard for loyalty. I've never had another carrier, nor do I have ever wished to. I want a new phone. I need one to have access to facetime etc (love talking to my kids when away). I am unsure what route to take next. Just go to Bell or continue, what seems to be, futile dialogue with Telus.


Ulitmately my wants are this: $240 worth of subtractions to options over a 2 yr term on a new contract, and the best iPhone for a very minimal or no cost.


My loyalty has to have value. If it does not, I now know where my relationship stands with Telus.



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@mayorblaine wrote:



Ulitmately my wants are this: $240 worth of subtractions to options over a 2 yr term on a new contract, and the best iPhone for a very minimal or no cost.




Unfortunately, you can't have both a reduction in costs, AND an iPhone for minimal or no cost. The 12 month shortfall in time to pay out a phone subsidy means there will be some increase in costs. Strikes me you have a few options:


Buy an iPad to FaceTime with the grandkids and get a cheaper phone for actual calls.

Buy the iPhone outright and either continue with your current contract, or take advantage of the Bring Your Own Device options

Wait for a suitable sale to come up for service which best meets your needs

Resign yourself that in the grand scheme of things there are more important things in life, and accept the best offer and move on.


The only loyalty option offered me when my last contract ended was the waiving of the last two months subsidy if I upgraded early.




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I appreciate your response.


For too long I've resigned myself to acceptance of Telus terms. Although my mobility issue may be small, it is still an issue to me. I repeat, loyalty should have value. I will see if mine does.


I need more info to provide you with the best possible answer, do you currently have a device balance remaining on your account?


When you talked to telus were you talking to regular customer service agents or loyalty and retention?


No matter when you signed your contract either 2 or 3 years the actual device balance remains the same. A $750 dollar iphone remains that way weather its 2 or 3 years. A three year contract would have saw a reduction of approximately 20.83 per month (750/36)With 2 year contracts the upfront costs are more because there is 12 months less to pay off the device if same math were to apply and same reduction (20.83 x 24 = $500)  with upfront costs of $229 plus tax so that is why it seems different to you.


If you take care of your devices you may want to consider either a preowned iphone 5s which is $99 on a 2 year contract or a new iphone and add t-up to it for $9 per month which guarantees upgrades at a subsidized rate every 12 months,


Talk to loyalty and retention about what they can do about keeping your plan as close to that $65 dollar mark that you have now with the same features. I hope this helps


Both @Tgreencorn and @NFtoBC had good suggestions. Another option would be to trade in your old device to cover the $100 fee.  http://mobility.telus.com/en/BC/trade_in/index.shtml 


TELUS needs to recover the hardware cost and unfortunately, with 2yr contracts, that is spread out over less time. My advice would be to buy a new device outright and keep your current plan. It will save you a lot of money.

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