Longtime Telus mobile customer saying goodbye


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We've had four iPhones in our family for a few years now.


This morning I cancelled my iPhone only because in order to purchase a new phone for one of the kids one of us had to change to a more expensive (for the same thing) Sharing plan.


Given the choice of paying an extra $20 a month and buying a new phone from Telus or cancelling my number and giving my daughter my old phone I chose the latter. As a result Telus has lost a potential $55 a month for many years to come.


When I decide that I need a new phone I will then shop between Telus, Rogers, Bell, etc. for wherever the best deal is.


It's a shame that as long time customers who have never missed payment we were not extended any kind of "loyalty" offer.



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Hi Dan,


Sorry to hear that. You can always reach out to Telus via Twitter/Facebook or over the phone and speak with our loyalty department for any offers and incentives to keep you with us!




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I left telus for koodo yes i know a sister company i have the 10% off of 60 dollar plan and have had no problems your family would save so much money i get 2 gigs of data
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I left for Bell. Such a big difference in pricing.


I left for Bell. Such a big difference in pricing when comp0aring apples to apples.


As of today:

Bell Voice and Data 75 with 1GB is $75

TELUS Share Plus 500 with bonus 500 (1GB total) is $75


Where is your big difference?


I have been feeling the same pain recently. I was quite unimpressed when the agents at the Telus store explained my currently contract, Student 55, could not be renewed and my options were to either pay $70 a month for the exact same services I was already receiveing or to out right buy a new phone for hundreds of dollars. As a long time customer why are the only options avaliable to be the exact same as a brand new customer?


I am aware of the CRTC regulations and why my 3 year contract cannot be renewed. But for long time customers I do not understand why the same plan cannot be renewed on a 2 year term. I don't want someone to explain that my new phone can only be depreciated over 2 year now and not 3. As an existing customer, if you're going to charge me more, I better get more, not an explanation of how the company needs more now because contract terms are shorter...


To tell me I just can't keep getting the same services for the same monthly rate is ridiculous. I am currently contacting other companies about what they are willing to offer not only to obtain my business...but to keep is as well. I should not have to jump through hoops calling different loyalty numbers to be valued as a customer. An agent should bring up my account, see how long I have been a customer, that I am consistent with my payments and be able to offer me more than a random new customer who has no relationship with the company......

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I can see alot of this happening in the future.


I ask you this - Why should they not treat all customers equally?


I hear the term loyalty being thrown around a lot. 'I'm a loyal customer...i've been with you for 10+ year. I deserve a discount'.


They provide you service, a hardware subsidy, a competitively priced rate plan suit as per the OECD (http://www.oecd.org/canada/), they offer a ton of ways for you to have your questions answered (stores, call centre, twitter, facebook, this Neighbourhood, email, chat, etc) and, to top it all off, they give back to communities all over Canada - they give back both in time and money more than all the other carriers combined ($350million in the past 13 years and 5.4million volunteer hours http://about.telus.com/community/en/investment/). 


What have you done for them lately? Smiley Tongue



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 i have all home serv rices with telus, never late payment,good credit, go to get a cell phone lg g3 on plan  and they tell me i need 600.00 deposit. go to virgin mobile phone sent same day no deposit on same plan as telus. telus you just lost 100.00 month mobility customer plus 180.0 month home customer .stop treating your customers like idiots and might keep them

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$600 deposit? I've never heard of a deposit like that ever being required.

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They assessed @steve750 a deposit because of his credit score, its to ensure Telus can recoup their investment in the customer (subsidy) and limit risk. This practice applies to a fairly small group of people, typically new immigrants & those new to credit (e.g. just turned 18).

As for the forcing you to pay more / change services. This is something Rogers & Bell have been doing for for almost a year (forcing to switch plans), Telus only does it to customers who have some of the old student plans with a ton of data in it for $50-60. Did they ever guarantee you could keep it past your contract date? It is entirely their decision what conditions they want to attach to a financing agreement (read: subsidy), if you buy the device yourself you can keep the plan. 

If you want to complain about the higher prices on 2yr contracts, thank the CRTC for such short-sighted legislation, of course businesses were going to respond in a way that ensured they stayed financially whole.

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Here's my experience with the loyalty department as I wanted to see what my options were. The loyalty department appears to work within the framework of todays plans so it doesn't matter if you're a new customer or long time, you still get the same treatment and rates.

I currently have a Samsung S5, My contract was up awhile ago. I can't contacted telus to up grade my phone to a Samsung S7 after receiving an messeges for telus offering $ 100 off a new phone. I contacted telus seeing the phone was on sale for $200, so there for it would cast me $ 100 so I thought. Since I have a loyalty plan they said I was not eligible. That it would cost me $250 not the sales price but $50 more . So much for being loyal. If I gave up my loyalty phone plan and took the new jacked up price plan of offering less of everything. Surprise I can have the sales price, THE SAME PRICE AS ANY CUSTOMER THAT STARTS WITH TELUS GETS. I have been with telus for they, they say 14 years at times there were 4 phones under my name. Currently there are 2. I think that I should be able to stay with my current contract and purchase the phone for $100 since the contract was given to me for being loyal and so was the $100 discount?