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Live Chat 2018 - How to find it

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I thought it might be helpful to post this quick guide as it took me a while to find the link for the live chat and I thought it might help others. It's actually really easy but for those of us that are "shelf blind"...





Thank you for posting this! I was trying to contact support the other day and it took me awhile to find it too. Telus is great at hiding the options for contacting Support.


I just wanted to add the recommendation that when you click on the live chat, immediately type "human" or "live agent" to avoid using the virtual assistant. It took me forever to figure out how to escape Virtual assistant hell and by the time I actually did get in touch with a human I was just about ready to switch to another provider just so that I would never have to talk to it again. 

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Community Power User

@Ahava wrote:

Thank you for posting this! I was trying to contact support the other day and it took me awhile to find it too. Telus is great at hiding the options for contacting Support.

They are all gathered together under the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of the page, as us the case on many corporate websites. Not that hard to find.

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Thank you @NFtoBC. Respectfully, I am familiar with how corporate websites work and would not have posted as I did without reason.


As you say, there is a "Contact us" link at the bottom of the support page. However, one has to scroll down quite a ways to find the tiny Contact Us link, at which point one then has to scroll down again to the bottom of that page and unhide the contact information for each option, none of which includes how to access live chat with a human other than by phone. Once you find the link Torquemod pointed out, tucked away in the bottom corner, you are forced to endure the Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistant does not tell you that there is an option to speak to a live agent anywhere in its tutorial or introduction. After emailing support to ask if live chat was still an option (they replied - eventually - with a link that didn't work) I found out entirely by accident that this was possible by typing in frustration "Why can't I talk to a human" or something like that. Once I actually was connected to a human agent they were able to resolve my issue in short order.


The Virtual Assistant is entirely insufficient to its task and cannot answer basic questions such as what certain rate plans include or when I (personally) can expect to receive my bill. It is not really a bad idea, but it is not yet sufficiently developed to be customer-facing. Right now, it is essentially acting as another help documentation search engine - and presumably, anyone needing to contact support will already have tried that. Therefore it is important that people know that they CAN escape the virtual assistant and that live chat with human representatives is still available and still the best option.


As a business customer I need to chat with a live agent and so going through the preamble and typing "Live Agent", I receive this: "Chat started: 15:33

15:33 - Info said:
Hello, Please note that our chat service is currently closed and will be open again as of Monday. Feel free to call us at 1-866-558-2273 or *611. Thank you."
 and promptly closes the chat at 15:33 on Monday July 6, 2020.
What gives, Telus?