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Late payment and credit bureau?

I have a mobility bill due on the 10th and I'm unable to pay it until the 15th. Will this late payment be reported to the credit bureau and affect my credit score? I'm okay with the late payment fee, I'm just worried about my credit. I'm having a hard time finding out if telus reports to the bureau after 30 days or right away.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Just contact Telus to make a payment arrangement.

But does a payment arrangement still show as a late payment to the bureau?

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Community Power User
@Mobility_Princess will chime in. 😀

@WestCoasterBC @HLRD that's not quite how it works. Payment arrangements are strictly to make sure your account stays active and will not suspend. You will still incur the 2% late payment fee and you will be reported to the credit bureau. Changing the cycle date also does not help HLRD's situation as it is too late. The bill has printed and the usage of that bill is due and HLRD can't pay it on that specific date. As well, payment arrangements are not taken unless the account is past due enough. While you can report it to a client care representative it's just noted to your account but, not protecting you from being reported to the credit bureau or the late payment fees. If you read your terms of service it says we report honestly and apply the late payment fee if the first invoice is unpaid by the time the next invoice is printed. To answer HLRD the clearest answer I have gotten from the smartest payment service managers I know is that we always report but, it affects negatively on your credit once the payment is more than 30 days past due. So if you are 5 days late like you are saying you are going to be it should be fine 🙂

Mobility Client Care Rep

Thanks so much! that's exactly the impression I was initially under. Makes sense 🙂