Is it Even Worth Contacting Customer Loyalty in My Situation?


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I was given the number for customer loyalty at the Telus store because I have an iPhone 4S that has been acting up and still have $217 left on my device balance. I had replaced the battery on the phone myself so Apple of course said "screw you" we can't fix it. The phone was acting up before that and I should have just taken it to Apple, but I didn't want to have to pay $100 for them to change the battery.


Having been a Telus customer for 10 years and having had my mom sign up onto a share data plan with me, I wondering if customer loyalty will actually give me a break and do something for me...I don't expect a free phone or anything...but maybe a better discount. I somehow doubt it, but thought I would check if there's any point in even contacting them.


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Greetings Pylonic!


It's definitely worth while to contact our Loyalty Team to see if they can do anything for you.


They may be able to offer refurbished phone for cheap I was offered I said no thanks at moment. 

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You should look on craigslist for a phone or ask one of your friends if they have one lying around they can loan you.  Would you consider buying out the device balance?  I think that would end your contract if you do.  Then you can start from new.