Incoming call from Mexico (and Mexican Number)


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Hi there

I've recently returned from Mexico and my boyfriend called me last night from his Mexican number. I didn't talk long for fear of long distance charges, however when I viewed my account and airtime history today to see how much it cost the call was listed as $0.00.

I've searched the website and my account and can't find anything about the cost of incoming international calls. Are they no cost as long as I am in Canada? I understand if I call him at his Mexican number there will be charges but I'm a little lost on his calls to me...

I have a YourChoice UL L-Prem 55 plan on my phone.

Thanks for the help!


Community Power User
Community Power User

A call *from* Mexico will cost you the same as the one from your neighbour. A call *to* Mexico will have long distance charges applied, as you surmised.

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Any incoming calls to your device while you are physically within your local calling area will fall under the parameters of your plan.

If you have 300 local minutes (with evenings and weekends) and you receive a call any time between 7AM - 6PM during the week, usage against your 300 local minutes is incurred. 

If you happen to be outside of your local calling area, long distance charges do apply. 

I hope this helps!