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I need to add a manager to our account

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Hello, new here, but not new to customer service, so please dispense with the fluffy feelgood stuff and just answer the question.


I need to add an account manager to our Telus account so that I can send someone to the nearest store to buy a mobile internet USB stick. I've been told by the store that I need to do this via customer care.


Customer care is taking 30 to 40 minutes to call back.


I can't buy the items from the store until this is done.


Our Producer and Director need the data service on set before the close of business today.


QUESTION: How can I speed this process up? I've spent literally days of time on hold trying to get things sorted out (granted, not just with Telus). We can't afford to be spending this kind of time getting simple orders placed and products bought. I'm sure there are many businesses that feel this way too.


Also, please pass on to the web site designers: put the shipping times AHEAD of the order payment as I now have two internet sticks on order that I will have to cancel as they will take too long to ship. This means I've got over $400 sitting on my credit card that doesn't need to be there. This is inconvenient and avoidable.








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Community Power User

You can try through Telus' Facebook or Twitter pages, if the account owner can produce credentials. If it is a business account, it may be faster to manage this through the Business Representatives, as they have a smaller case load than the retail customer service desk.


EDIT: You may also be able to add a new subscriber (device & plan) through the 'My Account' portal. This should allow you to purchase the device and SIM you need at full price from the local store, and add the SIM card number to your account through the portal, while at the same time choosing a plan. I have not done this myself, but it should be possible.



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What you are referring to is an account administrator, which is different than account manager. Account admins may renew on consumer accounts but not add new devices such as an additional stick. The account manager in the profile is different and has no bearings upon adding a new device in a store. I am a consumer employee so I'm afraid I have no knowledge of business accounts. Business department is not open on weekends though. So you would need to speak to them Monday if you are calling in. They should be open for the holiday. Internet stick data is priced at the same amount of data in a cell phone plan however for both business and consumer I believe. If you have a shared business plan with your producers/directors, upping the data on a cell phone subscriber on the same account will be the same price. You can also just add more data to one of or both of their indivual lines. They can set up a hotspot in one of their cell phones in order to use their cell data on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and whatever else they may need data for. If you can provide their model of phone(s) I can give you the hot spot steps 🙂 or you can look them up under support/phones and devices
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