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I have been on the phone for 3hrs + for the past 2 days.

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I have been on the phone for 3hrs + for the past 2 days. I have two phones going at the same time. Can someone from Telus please either pick up my phone or call me back? I just want to port my number to Telus. 



I have been sitting for 2 hours as well, really disappointed with this level of service 

Community Power User
Community Power User
The call volumes will be high because of this limited deal December 16-18:

BYOD $60/month + tax
- 10gb data
- Unlimited Canada wide calling
- Unlimited text + mms
- Caller ID & VM

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I have the package and it says "SMS unlimited". What does this mean?

SMS Unlimited means you have unlimited texting available. You can send as many texts as you want because SMS (texting) is included in your monthly plan. So if you have the BYOD $60 + 10GB plan unlimited texting (SMS) is included in the $60.

Thank you for the info.


Check the twitter, I have been waiting for help days.

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I can’t even get through. I keep getting “call failed”

I have been trying to get them to reset my email for a few days so far. They have a Twitter help desk. They may help you. They wont talk to me.