I have a Blackberry z10


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How do I change the number of rings on my phone before it goes to Voicemail. I need to cut it down to 4 0r 5 rings.Please. The 61 number doesn't work for me. 




Hi-chipmunkhave1: Welcome to the forum. Regarding to your question-There's a post from "byrdbb1831" it may apply to decrease the #Rings too. It has 3Answers tried at your own risk.. I typed the link-But it doesn't open.

So goto the (Mobility Services) scan down-below to 12Line & go for with the procedures. Post results to forum. Thanks <v9>


Thks @NftoBc: When I opened the thread it didn't show the whole-URL-here's Newbie. Try ON...Hey! NFto..I found the error that it's been causingMe troubles-You know the bar located on the right of the (2Back & forth-internet arrows it needed to get it longer. I fix it now,. <v9> You Roocck-UUHHaaaHH!! 

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I think v9 means this thread:
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