I am looking for a family talk text plan that includes texting to the united states is there one?


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I am trying to decide if I should put my son on my family plan but he text to the united states and I would need a plan that doesn't charge 40 cents per text if he does so 

the pay and go plans allow it I don't think my talk text fave plan has it but I can't seem to find one now that you don't need to pay .. help me find one



What kind of phone does your son have? He may be able to use a messaging app to avoid the charges. Have you seen the International text packages here; http://mobility.telus.com/en/ON/mobile_messaging/int_mess.shtml?INTCMP=ILCq4srvesmsg2 ?

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If he has a smartphone like an Android, iPhone or BlackBerry and he has a data plan he can download apps like Viber and WhatsApp to message friends in the US for free