How much longer will the share plus plans have the bonus data on them? (i.e. the 3+3 gigs)


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Just Moved In

There is currently a promotion on it seems, but no expiration date like I'd expect.  Any idea how much the bonus data will be available for?


Hey there redgrandam,


As you are aware this personal (consumer) plan is currently being offered as a promotion for a limited time and there is no set expiration date as it can be withdrawn from the market at any time.


If you are part of a business, then please visit the following link for the current Business plans that are available which are different than the personal ones:


If you are planning on upgrading, or coming to TELUS as a personal account holder, then I do suggest you take advantage of the promotional plan you have mentioned as soon as you could to take advantage of this great offer!


Hope that helps!