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How does one Add a Manager when user is NOT listed as a member

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How does one add a manager make the second cell phone user a manager on the account???

There are two cell phones and two names on the account but when I go to "Account Settings" --> "Role Management"  ...there is only the owner listed (me).   I've surfed through "Your Profile"  and "Account Management"   but there is no link to ADD  a member or manager.  I've surfed through the Telus help forums and there is a some wrong instructions about selecting My Profile from the left sidebar, then to select Mobility Profile and then select Add, Remove, manage users"    NOPE !!!   None of those supposed links even exist in the personal mobility accounts.   Yes I can see the roles in Role Management but there is no link to add a user to that list of roles nor to make someone a member or a manager.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Given the situation, I expect you'll have to contact Telus directly. Try calling first thing in the morning, or by using chat,  Facebook or Twitter to reach out to the staff, and you can send your credentials through those interfaces privately.



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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Well for credit check purposes and liability issues, there is technically only one name as the account owner even if there are multiple users on the account. However you can have account managers, account administrators and authorized names who can have a lot of necessary permissions. For there can only be one account owner, but the account manager can do everything online that they account owner can. To change this you login on the desktop site > My profile > Add, remove and manager users in the white box at the bottom left hand screen > then you should have the option to Link account > you type in the email you want to sent the email link to and then that person can become a member. You can also call in to *611 or chat us and we can easily send an email to that second person

Mobility Client Care Rep