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Got no retention attention

Just Moved In

Well I'm another long time customer (14 years) leaving Telus due to their lack of seeing the big picuture.  With my contract coming due I took a look around at the competition and decided I could definitely do better than my current contract.  I called up Telus and explained what I wanted, which was basically just to add free long distance to what I already had.  3 other phone companies I checked with would include that in a their bundles I was comparing, and all bundles were the same or just a little less than what I was currently paying with Telus.


Telus told me, due to the phone I was thinking of upgrading to, that it "wasn't allowed" and I could only have that phone with a package that was $50 or more a month.  I offered to pay a bigger deposit on the phone (75% of the cost) but still no deal.


I made this phone call to Telus twice, talked to 2 different customer retention reps and both times they were off and on the phone with me to talk to a supervisor about my negotiation attempts but each time came back and said (literally) "No".  When I questioned the logic and tossed in the math calculations verses the loss of a loyal customer (literally $2 a month less than what they were getting from me now) one rep. told me that the supervisors are not bending on any of the packages.  That they feel the packages are fair and I was to take it or leave it.


That's some customer retention department.


I decided to look at all the phone companies that are out there and am now saving more than $10 a month on my cell phone bill than with Telus. I have my Canada wide free long distance and unlimited talk minutes included (which I never had, or even asked for from Telus).


Hey Telus, remeber GM and how they thought those Japanese could never make any significant headway into the North American auto industry?  Well you're not as big or as important as GM was to the economy, so I doubt the government will bail you out if your ship begins to flounder badly so you'd better wake up.  Customers DO have a choice now.