Getting a pdf of a bill. Notice of new bill should just include a pdf of it.


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I find that getting a notice of a new bill by email, and the process of having to log into a website to get a copy of it, is quite a bit more time consuming than if one could just click onto a link in the email that went right to the pdf of the bill in question, and logging in if really necessary, but at least going directly to a place where the link to download the pdf was very prominent. 


Logging into the website, and then looking around for where one can find the pdf, especially with the site layout changing all the time, is confusing and makes one have to keep relearning the layout of the site.  Having lots of other bills to pay, it's hard to really learn the specific way the Telus site works, if one only needs to hit it once a month.  It's not like Telus is our only supplier of services -- there are so many others.   The process of relearning often takes half a year to really get used to it.   By that time Telus "improves" the site again, and one has to start over. 


It's so much simpler to just get a statement in the mail, and only go to one's bank website to pay it.   But that's really wasteful of paper and postage, and also our having to pay Telus an extra fee for a paper statement, itself is quite an infuriating kind of nickel and dime trick.   The electronic process should not be more time wasting than the bill-in-the-mail process.


By far, the best solution would  be to send a pdf of the bill as an attachment to the email.  That would let us automate both the printing and the payment of the bill.   If, for some (clueless) reason that can't be arranged, then at least have the login process go directly to a page where the download of the pdf of the bill is right there, very prominent in the summary.  Yes, I appreciate that the "summary" idea is very cute in the mind of some systems analyst there at Telus.  No doubt there is some type of imagination of what would be the most "consumer" friendly presentation before getting down to business, but even so, it is such a waste of time that it is not friendly at all.   What I want to see before I pay a bill, is what all the crazy kinds of mobile phone charges are hurting me the worst, and make sure that there is nothing more that I can do to optimize the efficiency of my use of the service.   Plus I want to make sure there are no unexpected charges.   The hacking of cell phone connections, despite all the defences, is still a danger with new techniques being discovered every day, so one has to be really vigilant  and the process should be made as easy as possible.  In other words the examination of the bill is crucial and should not be over designed with mere prettiness.    Plus I often have to review employee use of cell phones.


First step:  Please review the reasons for not sending a pdf of the bill along with the email notice of a bill.   Try to break any arguments against that.  Believe me there are none that really matter, and if necessary, don't fall for the one size fits all argument.  At least make it a client option.




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It would be awesome if Telus could send a pdf along with the email notification. I've asked several times and been told it carries too many privacy concerns and that the CRTC said that Telus wasn't allowed to. Even now there's strict rules about when you can email or text a customer, between what times and only if you have their permission. The PDF contains your call history and where you where on what date at what time. I agree the summary page needs works. Telus is always taking the voices of their customers and employees seriously though so i'll make sure I point this one out for you! If anything the download PDF button should be huge and on every page you click so you can always find it. It would make so much more sense to link the email notification page directly the current bill pdf when you login! I love that idea!! Telus hasn't charged for paper bills since January 2015! So you can switch back to that any time you want. However, again for privacy reasons and to save on paper Telus does not mail out the calling portion of your bill only the summary. It does include the extra pages that break down your device balance, contract agreements and each line's charges so you might like it but, not the call history. So if you got any roaming, long distance, air time charges you would have to log in again.

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Though you are diligent about your bill, you'd be surprised at the number who simply pay the amount on the summary, either through automatic withdrawal, credit card, or online banking. While the privacy requirements @Mobility_Princess mentions are the main reason for not sending the whole bill to you, I agree that a link with you needing to enter your login credentials to gain access would speed things. That said, I don't find it too many steps to login and find my bills for either home or mobility services.
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As already stated, privacy is the biggest concern--email is not secure, nor are external links from email. External links from email are the easiest to spoof and fool people, and people should NEVER use them.